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Dovetail Consulting – Rail Transit Safety and Security Experts

Dovetail Consulting Expertise

• Project Management Oversight Consultants for the Federal Transit Administration
• State Safety Oversight Program Consultants for State Safety Oversight Agencies
• Safety and Security Auditors of Heavy Rail, Light Rail, Streetcar, and Bus Modes
• Safety and Security Certification Managers for Design and Construction of Capital Projects
• Safety and Security Program Consultants to Multimodal Transit Agencies
• Federal Regulatory Compliance Experts:

o § 5329, Public Transportation Safety Program
o 49 CFR Part 674, State Safety Oversight
o 49 CFR Part 673, Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan
o 49 CFR Part 672, Public Transportation Safety Certification Training Program
o 49 CFR Part 670, Public Transportation Safety Program
o 49 CFR Part 633, Project Management Oversight
o 49 CFR Part 630, National Transit Database
o 49 CFR Part 625, Transit Asset Management  

Dovetail Consulting - Team

What Public Transportation Work Does Dovetail Consulting Do?

Dovetail Consulting develops, implements, and oversees a wide range of multi-modal public transportation safety, security and emergency management policies, programs, and procedures.

Our stellar team is nationally recognized for its exceptional knowledge and technical expertise related to heavy rail, light rail, streetcar, bus, and bus rapid transit operations, maintenance, safety and security requirements and processes. We cover federal oversight, state safety oversight, and are hands on practitioners of the principles and practices of Safety Management Systems. Equally important, Dovetail Consulting has practical and efficient techniques for cost-effective delivery of service to our clients around the nation.

We take pride in our knowledge, quality, professionalism, and integrity.  

Dovetail Consulting - Multi-Modal Public Transportation Safety


Our firm has worked in the public transportation industry on projects across the country, including:

• State Safety Oversight technical support for the Arizona Department of Transportation
• Safety and Security Certification program delivery for the Charlotte Area Transit System
• Safety and Security Certification program delivery for Sound Transit
• Project Management Oversight for the Federal Transit Administration during the engineering and construction of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s BART Silicon Valley Phases I and II 

Dovetail Consulting - Projects

Meet Our Management Team

On December 9, 2002, our president, Mignon Allen, founded Dovetail Consulting with nothing more than a laptop, a printer, and a vision. 20 years later, she has expanded her staff ten-fold with personnel across the country. Our employees are a team of emerging transit leaders balanced with veteran transit career professionals that service the highly specialized safety and security needs of the public transportation industry. Our staff has backgrounds in transit safety, business and policy administration, law enforcement and emergency response, architecture, construction safety and management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and working directly for rail transit agencies and the Federal Transit Administration. Working together on numerous projects over the past two decades has formed us into a high performing and productive team.

Dovetail Consulting - Meet the Team

What sets Dovetail Consulting apart?

We think highly of our valued client partners and take personal interest in helping you implement transit safety and security practices that meet federal and state regulatory scrutiny while satisfying the needs of the riding public. Our experience includes a wide range of leadership, organizational and consulting skills and knowledge of transit operations, safety, security, and emergency management. We have a proven track record of successfully managing projects with transit systems of all sizes, complexity, modes, and operational environments. We have best practices and lessons learned to solve any challenge that may arise.
We leverage our strong grasp and working knowledge of the requirements, interpretation, and application of Section 5329 (Public Transportation Safety), Section 5326 (Transit Asset Management), 49 CFR Part 674 (State Safety Oversight Rule), 49 CFR Part 673 (PTASP Rule), 49 CFR Part 672 (Safety Training Rule), and other safety oversight rules.
Dovetail Consulting understands that successful outcomes are the result of expertise, partnership, and integrity. We help you achieve your goals by providing high-quality service at a great value. We are efficient because we know transit, use minimal resources, and produce a high level of output.   

What sets Dovetail Consulting apart?

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